Why use Clifford Allen Associates, Ltd.?
Who Underwrites' the policy?
What do I do if I have questions regarding a claim?
How are pre-existing conditions treated?
Are there any deductibles or copayments under the plan?
How are prescription drug claims handled?
Is coverage mandatory?
Are we able to enroll USA students?
Can we cover students for short periods of time?
How do we add/remove students?
Is this a Network Plan?
What types of materials/communications do you provide your schools so they can understand the policies and communicate the information to students and families?
Are routine physicals and immunizations covered?


Why use Clifford Allen Associates, Ltd.?
Are the plans primary or excess?
Are the plans voluntary or mandatory?
Are the plans 24 hour or during school hours?
Is coverage included for all interscholastic sports, including football?
What is the duration of the policy?
Who underwrites the policy?
What are the coverage limits?
Are there any deductibles, co-insurance or co-pays?
How is enrollment handled?
Are your Accident Only plans available in all states?
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