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What We Do

We specialize in meeting the fast changing needs of the private secondary school student insurance market. In fact, that is all we do. We sell no other product line (i.e. employee benefits, property & casualty) and service no other market (i.e. colleges, etc). We believe in developing lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We pride ourselves in setting the standard for product design and school service.

What We Offer

Our one of a kind premium pool, consisting of only private secondary schools, enables us to control costs and provide stability in pricing and benefits year after year.

International students from over 75 countries and domestic students from across the USA trust our plans.

What we offer to the school: Protection of assets – process and plan ensure all students have adequate coverage. Minimize time spent in handling insurance enrollment and claims. Reduce potential for conflict and/or legal action in the event of a student illness/injury.

What we offer to the parents: Peace of mind – comprehensive coverage for their child. Financial protection in the event of illness or injury. A straightforward, understandable picture of coverage available and cost.

Service – Flexibility and Authority to Meet Your Needs

  • Single point of contact with ability to make decisions
  • Dedication – we sell no other lines of coverage and service no other market
  • Enroll students at any time during the academic year – no applications needed
  • Weekly and daily rates available for special circumstances (i.e. summer/abroad programs)
  • We provide personal, prompt, hands on attention to problem claims and/or inquiries
  • Versatility in meeting your special needs

What We Do

  • Primary Injury and Sickness Plans
  • Network and Non-network (Usual and Customary) plans available
  • Mandatory Excess Accident Only Plans
  • Coverage available to both international and domestic students
  • Prep school pool – provides protection and stability on product and pricing
  • Zero deductible – first dollar coverage
  • Pre-existing conditions covered from day one
  • Meet or exceed individual state and federal mandates
  • Prescription drugs covered – electronic filing available
  • International students can be enrolled up to 12 months.
  • Domestic student coverage currently available through 12/31/17 as we work on securing a long term solution.
  • Pay for treatment of acne and allergies
  • Interscholastic sports related injuries covered
  • Custom plans available to meet your specific needs
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